Discounts for iPad/Tablet Version

We are often asked if we can offer a discount on the iPad/tablet version when the regular version is purchased. The fact is that it's already discounted since the tablet version was originally $249.95 and the price you see here of $69.95 already has the $180
discount applied ($249.95 - $180.00 = $69.95). 

The only catch is, you must buy the original curriculum also in order to receive this discount. It would not be advisable to buy the tablet version only and pay the full price of $249.95. That version is very much student oriented, but would not have the tests and other valuable teacher tools. The MAIN ADVANTAGE of the iPad version over the regular version is that the videos will play on tablets and smart phones.

Typically, the main thing students want to view on their smart phone
or tablet is the videos.