Microsoft Word files
for Blue Pelican Math Curriculum

Warning: The files included here include the Tests and Quizzes documents and are not Password Protected. Please do not make these files available on your school’s network since that might eventually result in student access.

File types: Original .doc & .docx files are provided as well as the .psd (photoshop) and .gif image files of the scanned solutions that are embeded in the finished Word files.

Usage: The intent of providing these files is to make it possible to modify lessons, tests, answers, etc. to suit your own teaching style. You are free to modify any and all files we provide here; however, these modified files are not to be made available to the general public either free or for sale. Use the modified files as much as you like within
your own organization.

Deployment: Copy these files directly to some folder on your computer. If files are copied to your network, make sure they are in a secure place, password protected, and not available to students. It is suggested that any modifications to files that you make, be saved to the copied version on your computer and not to the original
flash drive we provide.