Future Curriculum

We do not release curriculum until it has been thoroughly tested and adjusted, which takes time.

CalculusAP will be released in Aug 2011, Alg I and Geometry are next.

These courses (Alg I, Geometry, Alg II, Pre Cal, and Calculus) are designed to give a high school student the best possible springboard into a rigorous college environment in engineering, math, and the sciences.

Please be advised that is is definitely possible to cover every lesson included in this curriculum and even have a little time left over. However, it requires a disclipined approach to adhere to the commitment of one lesson each day.


Teachers Helping Teachers
The core of our company is a carefully selected group of active, high school teachers that have a proven track record of success in the classroom –  and even more important – a passion for teaching. Their message is:

“Believing there was a better way to teach math, we discarded the traditional, bloated, and politically correct textbooks, and designed day-by-day lessons that are ‘doable’ in a single day.”

“We have carefully crafted these free Algebra II
(alg 2) and Pre-calculus (pre Cal) lessons so as to cover all required topics in a single school year. Our desire is to share our passion for teaching math with you.”

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