Alg1 & 2, Geometry, PreCal, and
Calculus Curriculum

15 minute Math Labs

Math Tips, Tricks and Anecdotes

Complete Alg I, Geo, Alg II, PreCal, & Calculus curriculum, one lesson a day, step by step, with reviews, tests calculator videos, and video of each lesson being taught by the author, Charles Cook..

No deciding which lessons to teach, or problems to assign. Curriculum description

Labs easily done in 15 minutes and then right back to the regular class. Free videos & labs. Alll needed materials.are typically present in most schools.

Instructional videos and manuals makes for easy teacher prep. Cross-correlated with other subjects. 120 videos and more. Read More
Special techniques and teaching style that makes high school math both real and relevant. Memory tricks and unusual insights.

Often told with a little dry humor, these tips and tricks can be applied all the way from Alg I through Calculus. Read More

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Charles Cook, author of our math curriculum, is a high school teacher with a proven track record of success in both the class room and publishing.  A passion for teaching advanced mathematics and a clear vision of both its content and presentation shapes Cook’s curriculum that we present here.

A quick look at this curriculum reveals that it definitely was not created by a committee: it discards the traditional approach of bloated, politically correct textbooks and opts for day-by-day lessons that are actually ‘doable’ in a single day.

Cook has carefully crafted each of these free, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II (alg), Pre-calculus( pre cal), and Calculus, lessons so as to cover all required topics in a single school year... and all with continuing built-in review and daily tweets.

Download Free Alg I, Alg II, Pre-Calculus (Pre-Cal), and Calculus Curriculum

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