High School Math Labs that actually work ...in 15 minutes

...like no other labs you might have seen before...

Teacher prep: videos, manual, etc. ...           ... everything you need.
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  Free math activity labs, free math videos (16)  
With state-standards tests hanging over our heads, every day of instruction time is a precious commodity that cannot be wasted or squandered; yet, we are all too familiar with the distractions in school that rob us of that time.

On the other hand, just like us, high school students get bored with an unrelenting daily grind. There is a need for an occasional math project or math lab that is both interesting and relevant: but what about the time lost?
  15 Minute High School Math Labs (a collection of 30 math projects) resolves this conflict nicely. While fulfilling the need for an occasional math project, they are at the same time both quickly done & highly relevant. (author's video)

In these 30 short (but intense) labs, a wide diversity of high school math topics is covered with many correlated closely to science, art, geography, computers science, industrial arts, socially relevant issues, etc    ...demo
 Includes these items:
  Flash drive (includes 120 videos, pdf manuals, and more)
  Two manuals
  Kit of most items needed for the labs
 Easy teacher prep:
  Video for each lab shows it in action
  Two manuals (both hard copy and pdf)
 Enrichment activities:
  Graphing calculator activities and video demos (at least one for each lab, some with four)
  Related in-depth questions (some require research)
  Worksheets provided for labs where appropriate
 Relate to other subjects and topics:
  Cross curricular: realizing that our math students are someone else's science students, many of the labs are science based
(13 cross-related subjects)
  Related to socially relevant issues like alternative energy
 Time allocation:
  Labs easily done in 15 min (some may require homework)
  Quickly back to the regular lesson
 Web deployment:
  Videos and pdf manuals easily deployed to school web server
  Each teacher within your department has access
 Provided free (no obligation to buy):
  Free videos (16) go
  Free labs (4) go
    Be sure to see our companion product, Math Tips
        Professor Einstein once remarked in an interview, "I only became interested in mathematics after we did math activities in high school."

Math Tips  Go
Special techniques and teaching style that makes high school math both real and relevant. Memory tricks and unusual insights.
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