15 Min Math Labs   Math Labs    Videos-Math Tips, Tricks, & Anecdotes   Math tips & tricks
  Quickly done (15 min or less) and then back to the regular lesson     Short examples, concepts, & stories easily explained to students
  Teacher prep with 120 videos, 60 ppt's, online & hardcopy manuals     Injects a little humor into mathematics
  Kit of necessary materials provided     Commonly "accepted" mathematical ideas explained
  Cross curricular: relates to science and 12 other areas     Memory tricks (mnemonics) for memorizing math facts.
  Relates to socially relevant issues - alternative energy sources, etc.     Unusual insight into imaginary numbers and much more
  Graphing calculator activities and associated videos     Appropriate for both students and teachers
  Videos & manuals all web based for easy deployment to a server     Videos are web based for easy deployment to school network
AlgI, Alg II, PreCal, & Calculus Curriculum   Blue Pelican Math        
  Video of each lesson presented by a master teacher     Three versions of each lesson.(Teacher, student, absent-student)
  Extensive graphing calculator supplement     Enrichment topics supplement
  Traditional format with a twist: Teacher models the problems, students take notes, students do assignment... no online multiple guess questions!     A disclipined approach. One lesson for each day. March through the school year and cover it all.
  Solution keys done in hand writing as a "real person" would do them        
 Blue Pelican Java Textbook   (Java web site)    Blue Pelican Java Videos   (BPJ videos)
  Free download, full book, (543 pages)     Multiple videos on each of 54 lessons (170 videos, total)
  Extensive teacher manual available (600 pages, answers, code)     Videos correlated exactly with the Blue Pelican Java textbook
  Highly acclaimed, worldwide distribution     Web based videos easily deployed to school LAN
  Hard copies available     Expert, crystal clear explanations
  Regarded by many as the best comp sci book for high school.     All web based for easy deployment to school network
  Unique approach and organization (author's philosophy)     Outstanding value for just a little over $1 per video
 AP Case Study - GridWorld   (GridWorld)    Blue Pelican Graphical Labs  (Graphical Labs)
  A solitary learner could easily use the videos and booklet to proceed at his own pace... with little intervention from a teacher.
    Students write their code (using their own IDE) in a graphical context without the need to understand the graphics.
  Total of almost 3 hours of video neatly organized into lessons.     Programs are run from an interesting graphics interface.
  Crystal clear explanations of this important AP case study.     Interest and motivation are maintained at a high state due to being able to see the graphical results of programming efforts.
 Platinum edition   (Platinum)        
  All of the above comp sci material plus all Multi Media below        
  Save $464     ... all these products on our sister site www.bluepelicanjava.com
 Photoshop Tool Videos   (Photoshop tools)    Search Engine Optimization Videos    (SEO)
   Individuals tool & blending mode videos (99) and documentation     Learn how to make your web site rank high on a Google search
   Web based, easily deployed to a server     Get both strategy and specific coding advice
  Free videos (33)     Engages your web mastering students like never before
  Great as a quick reference tool     Allows even a non technical person to supervise the creation of a top ranked site
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